A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

My submission for Ludum Dare 48 #48 along with my good friend MattyAlanEstock!

"Endless descending platformer/shooter that feels like something I'd play on a school computer instead of doing work" - Me

Take care to avoid monsters as you dive deeper into the abyss!

Abyss is an action-packed endless descending platformer/shooter where your main goal is to keep going deeper. Be careful, though, because the abyss is infested with monsters who would like nothing better than to end your descent early! With your trusty blaster at your side, you should be able to handle them!

  • Move: A/D or Arrow Keys
  • Jump: Space or Ctrl
  • Shoot: Left click
  • Aim with the mouse

Let us know what your high score is in the comments!

It was meant to be a web game, but for some reason the web build wouldn't work, so I hope you'll still enjoy the executable.

Install instructions


If you have trouble opening the game, follow these steps:

Go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> General, and at the bottom of that view there's a section that says "Allow apps downloaded from:" and from there you enable "app store and identified developers".

Be sure to click the lock so you can actually change the settings!


Abyss-PC 24 MB
Abyss-Mac 33 MB


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I got 1008m, EZ 😎